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Family Guide to Hospice Care

(What NO Hospice Will Tell You!)
Cover art by Mary Reusch Tel. 616-874-0281
A Hospice Patients Alliance Publication
by Ron Panzer, Executive Director
The most important information you can use to protect your loved one in one easy to read book. Excellent for sharing with family, relatives, and other caregivers!

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Book cover art credits:
"Cherry Tree in Dusk," 1999
Oil on Board, 8 1/2 x 8 1/2
Art and Design by Mary J Reusch
Copyright 1999, For Info. 616-874-0281

What an experienced nurse says about this book:

"As a former hospice nurse I am acutely aware of the untold truths within the hospice industry, and of the unequal care provided, even within one individual hospice."

"This book will answer all of your questions and, probably many more you didn't know to ask. This isn't just a book, it's a manual of your rights!"

"This book explains all you need to know about "how to" successfully utilize hospice services and assure compassionate and effective end of life care for your loved one. The information contained in this book explains how to get the help you need, when your loved one needs it the most.

It's a book written specifically for all hospice patients, families, caregivers, and even hospice staff."                                 - Anne Greco

What a daughter of a former patient says about this book:

"The Hospice Patients Alliance Family Guide to Hospice Care

was an invaluable resource during the time my father was at home in hospice. The clear, detailed information provided allowed my family to make the decisions that were in my father’s best interests and which were right for him and us. More importantly, it gave us insight into all aspects of what was occurring, and it prepared us for the very difficult time when his death was inevitable."

"We were able to make him comfortable, play his favorite music, spend time with him, and finally, to say our good-byes to him; an opportunity I would not have traded for anything in this world. The book helped to get my entire family through what was probably the most difficult period of our lives."

"I am grateful that there is an organization which has the best interests of the hospice patient in mind. I urge anyone who has a loved one in hospice or who is considering using hospice for themselves or a loved one to read this book.

The information is priceless."         - Linda Reiter, loving daughter

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